Learning to add fonts in Photoshop is not a convoluted task as it requires only a few simple and straightforward steps to finally get your hands on it. For every designer, it is the essential skill to know how to install Fonts in Adobe because it can recreate a significant number of the best content choices from different applications.

The software consolidates them with its own, more visual devices to make novel and unique designs. Due to these critical factors, I thought of sharing the easiest method of installing fonts in Adobe to clarify the confusion. Let’s get along with the article and discuss How to Install font in Adobe Photoshop and all other versions including adobe acrobat pro, illustrator and any other version of adobe.

How to Install Font in Adobe?

Click on that font that better suits your project for which you are searching new font to make it stylish and attractive. You can easily find fonts of your desire, for instance, if you want to make your design look stylish and attractive, go for such fonts while if you’re going to increase the readability go for easy to read and understand fonts. In our case, we are going with the Avenir next font.

Once you have selected the font, simply press the Download option and start downloading it.


The next step requires installing the downloading files. Simply double click on the font file that you want to install and click the Install button. Ensure the file that you are installing is unzipped that can be done with the ‘Extract’ option in a single go.

Find the font document in your Downloads organizer. On the off chance that the folder or file is zipped, at that point, double tap on it to get to the substance. If it is unzipped you don’t need to do anything. If you downloaded numerous fonts, they will each have their own different folder.

In order to copy the font in Adobe photoshop, simply go to the Control panel and click the option of ‘Appearances.’ There you will find the Font folder, click that folder and copy your newly installed font.

You can copy your installed font in the list of already activated fonts. Later you can use it in your designs without any difficulty. Even if you find a font written ‘Free download,’ you notice that it still carries a few restrictions. For this purpose, you should check the Font’s license, or if you need to purchase any license, go for it.

It is the easiest way to install any font in Adobe appropriately. Though many other methods are also observed in this regard yet, I made sure to describe the trouble-free one. Follow the steps mentioned above and get your hands on any font you wish to apply in your designs.

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I hope you will find this article helpful and interesting. The same method can be used for All Adobe Photoshop Versions.