Creepy Face Font Free Download

Creepy Face Font is a unique and attractive font which is purposefully designed by Jonathan S. Harris in 1993. This typeface belongs to the Display typeface family and it is considered an ideal typeface for creating Halloween graphics, spooky posters, flyers, and other designed projects.

This splendid typeface is comprised of tall extended letters with eerie symbols and images such as bats, skulls, ghosts, and other mysterious creatures. This font is available in both Regular and Bold styles and it can be utilized to construct several visual effects.

It is comprised of uneven glyphs and tangled symbols which provide an exclusive aura to this typeface, unlike any other typeface. Despite its stimulating and particular design, the font is still legible and coherent and this feature is impeccable for projects that require both, creativity and readability. Enhance the aesthetic appeal and precision of your design by pairing the typeface style with other fonts, such as the sabon font available on our website.

Creepy Face Font Free Download

The most impactful feature of this typeface is its adaptability so, it can be used to design several projects like posters, logos, social media posts, invitation cards, and much more. This font is quite suitable to create eye-catching and visually interesting typography.

Creepy Face Font

License: Personal Use!
Font Type: Free
Formats: TTF & OTF
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