Poly Font Free Download

We would like to bring the new medium-contrast serif typeface to your attention which is known as Poly Font. Nicolás Silva is the principal designer of this typeface.

This typeface is filled with short ascenders that are of high x-height but with the pair of nexa rust font this can also be effective for small text. This typeface was designed to design text in agglutinative languages.

The reason that this typeface provides more legibility than standard web series is the balance of the amazing design of this typeface between its x-height and glyph widths.

Poly Font Free Download

This is the Unicode typeface that has the support of multiple languages that use the Latin script and its variants. Montserrat and Lato are the most similar typeface to this font and it also supports all the Open Type features.

License: Personal Use!
Font Type: Free
Formats: TTF & OTF
Total Files: 1

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