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Theban Alphabet Font is the various typeface that is designed and developed by the famous font creator Glenn and it was released by high logic fonts. Theban is the writing system that is used by Wicca and some of the other witchcraft. The strokes of this typeface work well with both the design in which both thick and thin styling is required. This font is extraordinarily minimalistic along with a stylish tone.

The alphabets of this typeface were mostly used in the Middle Ages and also can be paired with verlag font. There is no basic information about the origin of the alphabet. The style of these typeface letters is designed using straight lines, corners, and curves and that is the reason that this typeface is useful in a number of different projects.

Download Theban Alphabet Font Free

Theban Alphabet Font is mostly used in keyboard apps and this is also considered the main typeface for different Android devices and can easily be paired with albertus mt font.

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Formats: TTF & OTF
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