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Vahika Font is a stunning serif font with a unique look and decorative characters. The typeface works well for larger texts with more space between words, like headings or display text.

It frequently appears in a range of settings, such as advertisements, book covers, posters, and websites. It’s crucial to take into account the text size you’re working with when using this stunning typeface in a document or design project.

Vahika is a well-liked font for use in advertising campaigns, especially for goods or services that appeal to sophisticated or high-end consumers because of its elegant and artistic appearance. This typeface style gets a new shape after making a pair with silicia script font.

Download Vahika Font Free

Additionally, because of the elaborate and decorative design of this exceptional typeface, many designers decide to use it to design posters and flyers as well as book covers. Along with this, it can be applied to web design, especially for headings and other text that needs to stand out and have an impact. When used to generate headings and titles for a project, it works best with larger font sizes and signifies out.

License: Personal Use!
Font Type: Free
Formats: TTF & OTF
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